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Illuminate your space with an eggstraordinary touch of charm using our Eggstraordinary Tealight Candle. This handcrafted tealight candle boasts a lifelike egg design, adding a whimsical and unique accent to your decor. With a size that's as delightful as it is functional, these tealight candles provide a warm and inviting glow that's perfect for any occasion.



  • Realistic Egg Design: Meticulously crafted to resemble a fresh egg, these tealight candles bring a playful yet elegant touch to your space.
  • Charming Size: With the dimensions of a real egg, these tealights offer a quaint and captivating presence.
  • Inviting Glow: The warm and soothing light of the tealight creates a cozy ambiance that enhances any setting.
  • Quality Materials: Each tealight is carefully made from premium materials for a clean and even burn.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for table centerpieces, home decor, events, and as delightful gifts.



  • Place the Eggstraordinary Tealight Candle on a stable and heat-resistant surface.
  • Light the tealight using a long-reach lighter or match.
  • Enjoy