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AfterGlow by America is dedicated to helping individuals find healing through art and craft therapy. Our founder, America DeFleur, is a former foster youth and self-published author from Sacramento, CA. Her personal experiences battling with depression led her to discover the healing power of art and craft therapy. At AfterGlow, we believe that everyone has the ability to heal and find peace through creative expression.


Meet America DeFleur, a remarkable individual who has transformed her journey into an inspiring narrative of resilience and creativity. America found solace and purpose amidst the challenges brought on by the pandemic. Battling depression, she took a bold step, leaving her job to embark on a journey that kindled her passion: crafting captivating candles.

Driven by her artistic spirit, America now curates exquisite candles, wax melts, and soaps as part of her brand, AfterGlow by America. What makes her story even more heartwarming is that this venture is a family affair, with her loved ones contributing to the crafting process in their home, where small batches of these exquisite creations come to life.

But America's pursuits extend beyond her artisanal creations. She's a dedicated student at Sacramento State University, a devoted mother, wife, and an author with a mission. Drawing from her personal journey of emancipation from foster care at 18, she penned a self-published book that sheds light on her unique path. This personal experience ignited her passion for foster care and family advocacy, adding yet another layer to her multifaceted persona.

Through AfterGlow by America, she channels her own experiences to create a haven of healing and peace for others. America's story is one of transformation – from a former foster youth to a beacon of inspiration. Her forthcoming candle cookbook is a testament to her dedication to both her craft and her advocacy.

Join America DeFleur on her transformative journey, as she blends creativity, personal growth, and a fervent desire to make a difference. With AfterGlow by America, she not only crafts candles, but also crafts a path towards hope and renewal.

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